Outlast 2 Download Free PC Game Full Versions Crack

Outlast 2 Download Free PC Game Full Versions Crack

Outlast 2 Download is a single player survival horror game, from the outlast games series , which creates horror genre type games. Outlast 2 pc game is the continue of the story from outlast 2013 game. The game is taking place in the story of a journalist ,roaming in the deserts to find out about the murder of a pregnant women.

The developer&publisher of Outlast 2 ps4 game is Red Barrels . Outlast 2 game release date is in April 25 ,2017 for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation (PS4) and Xbox One platforms. The game only has a single player mode, and it actually for one player only.

Just like outlast 2, there is also another similar game like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Outlast 2 PS4 Trailer:

The videogame play outlast 2 trailer is below:

Outlast 2 Wiki Review:

Outlast 2 is showing the story of a journalist , who is trying to solve a murder case of a pregnant women. The journalist goes to many different places and travels to a lot of maps. He suddenly gets caught in a mysterious situation where he has to deal with a different type of person in short a mad doctor.

The Outlast 2 is a single player survival horror game just like its predecessor Outlast. The game is taking place in the Sonoran desert at night, also having the footage characteristics from the previous outlast game. The player controls freelance journalist Blake Langermann, whose mission is to investigate a small rural area in Supai, near the Sonoran Desert.

Langermann can not fight and can only defend in some scripted scenes just like the original Outlast,and he can also hide in crouch, lockers, walk, run, jump, climb and vault which is very much like the first game.

He only possesses a camcorder, which has night vision in it, using the night visions also drains the recorder batteries very quickly.

Unlike the first outlast game, in this game Langermann has a much more advance camera which has many built in features which can give much more clearer footage,zoom and an audio detection system to detect distant footsteps and other sort of noises.

Players can find more spare batteries through the map at different locations. Langermann eye sight is a little bit weak, which is why he wears glasses. If these glasses fell of it will weaken the vision a little. So be careful about his glasses also.

Outlast 2 Demo PS4 download Screenshots:

The Video of outlast 2 game screenshots are below:

Outlast 2 Download

Outlast 2 Download

Outlast 2 PC Download System Requirements:

Before playing outlast 2 game, first make sure the system meets the following requirements:

  • Processor: Core i3.
  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10 (64-Bit Versions).
  • RAM: 4 GB.
  • Video Card: 1 GB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 30 GB.
  • Direct X: Version 10 or higher.

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Outlast 2 Download Free PC Game Full Versions Crack

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