Horizon Zero Dawn PC Download Full Game With Crack Key

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Download Full Game With Crack Key

Horizon Zero Dawn PC is a really cool and awesome action game. With the new reviews of this game here on our site, we give the latest news and downloads of new games for free. Horizon Zero Dawn story is about life of an adventurer who always faces a lot of dangers and difficulties. This game also teaches the users about the tricks for surviving. So it could also be quite an interesting game.

Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay developer are Guerrilla Games along with the help of its publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment. The release date of Horizon Zero Dawn pc game is March 01,2017. We also have another game similar like this , why not also check out Quantum Break

Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer:

The horizon zero dawn gameplay trailer video is below:

Horizon Zero Dawn Review:

The horizon zero dawn pc game is a completely different game from most of the role-play games. This game tells us about the life of a young adventurer who, goes on different journeys. Well even in her travels she experiences a lot of troubles and dangers which could also risk her life as well.

Well lets just keeps it brief so that it could be easily understand able and enjoyable while doing so.

The Horizon Zero Dawn pc game download is an action role-playing game which can allow a total number of three players at a time.

The main character Aloy, is a huntress and archer, she goes on her journeys until when she arrives in a land that is under the control of machines.

When defeating the machine robots , aloy can also use the machines dead body materials for useful resources to create different types of crafting items. Aloy can fight the robots using many different ways and tricks like setting up traps with trips wire using a trip caster or using arrows as well as explosives and can also do hand-to-hand or simply close combat using melee weapons.

She can buy the weapons and traps from the traders. She also has ability to use other machines like making them her friends or helpers using the Override Tool which is as simple as hacking into them.

Aloy can also hide in the bushes to ambush nearby enemies. Aloy also has another ability “Focus Scan” that allows her to locate her enemies check their statics and level as well as the loot they will drop. There are a total number of three skills in the skill tree “Prowler” is for stealth; “Brave” improves combat ability, and “Forager” increases healing powers and collecting abilities.

Horizon Zero Dawn Full PC Game Screenshots:

There are a few screenshots from the video game below:

Horizon Zero Dawn PC

Horizon Zero Dawn PC

Horizon Zero Dawn System Requirements:

Before playing the game, make sure the system meets the following requirements:

  • Processor: Core-i5.
  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10  (64-Bit Versions).
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • Video Card: 2 GB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 25 GB.
  • Direct X: Version 11 or higher.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Link:


Horizon Zero Dawn PC Download Full Game With Crack Key

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